about jennifer

I’m Jennifer.

I have an awesome family with my husband of 14 years and our three amazing sons.  I love living in beautiful Northern Virginia, a stones throw from Washington DC, because I love the weather, the landscape and the culture here.  I’m a former traveler, having met my husband while going around the world, and still dream of exciting cross cultural adventures.  I also love being a homebody, nesting in our new home since May of 2011.  My favorite place in the world is on the ocean.  Anywhere on the ocean.  If I can drink red wine and eat pizza at the ocean, then I’m in bliss.  I practice yoga and attempt to run but I am still nowhere near “in shape.”  I’m an emerging cook, occasional reader, and lover of good movies.  I bake a mean apple pie and have a huge sweet tooth!  I also run a marketing and business strategy firm called Arlington Strategy.

And I like to write, so I started this blog.


One thought on “about jennifer

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Great blog! I wanted to make sure you saw today’s Washington Post piece (last page, Metro section) on the Arlington school bus issue. I think the 120 number is way low and hope to correct it next week. By the way, I’m trying to get Channel 9 to do a story Monday – would you be interested in being interviewed? If so, could you email me at sandymoore1000@gmail.com?



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