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Pinterest – Pipe Dreams In Color

I think Pinterest may be causing some women performance anxiety.  Be she a mom, wife, homemaker or cook, no matter what she prides herself on accomplishing every day — on Pinterest there is visual proof that it can all be done so much prettier!

Logging on is like opening all of the pages of Martha Stewart, Home & Garden, luxury travel, parenting, craft and cooking magazines.  While the images delight the eyes, and I get lost in the beauty of a private island, a cake that looks like Candyland and beautifully applied eye make-up, I start to feel overwhelmed.

I love the visual appeal of bug-shaped snacks made from veggies and piped cream cheese, but I just don’t have time to make them.  And while the craft ideas to mark every holiday are creative and fun and even look doable, I know that I nor my kids will have the energy or attention span to make them happen.

Pinterest must be thrilling to new parents!  I see friends with little ones creating boards with the most spectacular assortment of crafts, activities, foods, and traditions to do with their children.  But I’m hardened a bit by the reality of having a few kids, a job, a home and a ton of laundry.

Some of the milestone ideas on Pinterest are adorable.  But in my experience, one day at 11pm you will be arguing with your spouse about who needs to get out of bed to put the note from the tooth fairy under the kid’s pillow, and you’ll debate if its ok to skip the note just this once, and if it has to be on the same adorable tooth shaped note paper… and you’ll kick yourself that you started this tradition and you still have TWO MORE KIDS who will expect this.  And it will make you tired. 

For me, Pinterest is a visual affair with the unattainable.  Pipe dreams in color, if you will.  As Vogue is to my real life fashion, Pinterest is to my crafts, kids snacks, and home organization.

I will still spend too much time on Pinterest.  I like seeking inspiration for decorating our home.  I love finding interesting color combinations and wall decor for the kids’ rooms.  And I enjoy browsing my friends pipe dreams in color, and pinning them onto my own.

I’m on Pinterest, and am happy to share my pipe dreams with you.