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14 Years of Marriage (And Not Sick of Each Other Yet!)

Happy Anniversary to us!  Today my husband Prithvi and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage (and almost 20 years together!)

October 10, 1999
October 10, 1999 — Indian Wedding

Not only did I get to marry my soul mate, I got to marry him twice in one day!  Like today, it was a wet day — requiring some last minute changes to our wedding plans, but it was a fabulous day nonetheless!  Its hard to believe that 14 years have gone by, seeing as we haven’t aged a bit from these photos 😉

Spending the last twenty years with Prithvi has been so much fun.  The countless trips together, the stupid tv watching together, raising babies, creating a home, the late nights with good wine (the late nights with bad wine!), amazing dinners out and homemade, terrible take out and burnt attempts to cook, parent-teacher conferences together and errands — I enjoy every day that we get to spend together!  I am lucky!

October 10, 1999
October 10, 1999 — Jewish Wedding

I’m not a marriage or relationship expert, but I am confident in saying that being each other’s best friend is a key ingredient to our being so happy together.  I’m not saying that living with someone doesn’t pose challenges, but having a strong friendship makes it easier to work through life’s struggles.

Being such good friends means that we go out of our way to spend time together.  We prefer to run errands together — even when it means we won’t get as much accomplished.  We make the other wake up so we can sneak a quiet coffee together before the chaos of the day.  And we value and protect our alone time after the kids go to bed — even keeping each other company if one has to work after hours.

I feel absurdly lucky that I got to marry my best friend.  That he got to be the father to my kids.  That he picked me and that he let me pick him.  Happy Anniversary, Prithvi!  I love you, and I look forward to many more years ahead!