Magic Camp (or It-better-be-good-or-else Camp)

Here we are in the final throws of summer, and my big boys have only one week of camp remaining. This is THE camp they both really really wanted back in Feb, March and April when all the registrations opened. The irony is, this isn’t even one of the hard-to-get-into camps. For those, I was online at 8am the day registration opened and got 1 out of the 6 I was going for. But Magic Camp, this is going to be the highlight of their summer. It better be.

My Big Boy (7 1/2) has now done 4 weeks of various camps. Each has received RAVE reviews, thankfully, but our Monday mornings usually went something like this: BB, in an unenthusiastic tone of voice: “What camp am I going to this week?” Me “Summerfest/Baseball/Tennis/KOC” (upbeat and positive sounding!) BB “Why? Did I ask for that camp?” Me “Yes! Remember how hard it was for me to get this camp?! Remember you begging for it?” BB “No. Ok, I guess I’ll try.” (in a resigned to the fact he has no choice kind of way.) Me “Damn right you will. ” With a mental addition of “Don’t you know we dropped $200 on that camp?!”

The fact is he really has loved all these camps. But he had NO expectation that he would. So this is why this week is different. Magic Camp. He expects it will rock his world, or at least be a sweet week (using his words.) I just hope that we don’t end the camp season on a downer. After this week, we have 3 1/2 long weeks of no planned camps, so he’ll have plenty of time to get good and bored (a strategy we are employing in hopes that going to 2nd grade will be looked on as a good thing!)

For my Middle Boy (5 1/2), this is also the prized camp of the summer. But he’s a bit more even keeled on the idea, so I worry less about his expectations.

One thing is for certain, Friday will culminate in a magic show that requires me to leave work early, feign surprise/shock/awe at their magic abilities, and then start the non-camp phase of the summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the week ends on an up note. Or else I’ll be a week ahead of schedule wishing for the start of the school year.

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