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Why I Bake (and Blog) Instead of Packing

We are leaving in 3 hours.  I need to pack, clean and load the car.  I am still in my pajamas, and just finished up a batch of banana muffins. You might wonder if we’re heading to a pot-luck, or a baking contest.  We’re not.  Aside from the fact that the poor black bananas would have been tossed had I not made muffins, I didn’t NEED to bake today.

Diversion?  Shiny object?


I HATE packing.  Will do anything to avoid it.  I LOVE baking.  And, I like that it makes me happy on a day that would otherwise be stressful.  And by baking, I will have LESS time to pack; and the less time I spend packing, the better off I am.  I find packing to be one of those chores that will last as long as the time frame allotted to it.  So I am allotting less time today.

Though a ping of panic is starting to creep in as I write this.  Hubby is coming home early so we can pull the kids from school early, in order to miss the heinous traffic that exists on I-95 between DC and Richmond.  So if I cause a delay and we end up in stuck for an extra hour, in what is already a long trip, it will be held against me.

I know the idea of “performance under pressure” is common, and it relates to writing papers, proposals, filing taxes and holiday shopping.  I just never thought about packing as something that falls into that category, until today.

Signing off, to face the inevitable.  And eat a muffin.

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